Author of the Month: Ivan Scott

It is with great pleasure that we’d like to introduce you to American romance author Ivan Scott and his Redhead Series (four books so far, each book a standalone story). Sounds right up your street? Have a look at the full collection below.

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About: British doctor Sarah Farnsworth’s life spirals out of control when she loses a patient during surgery, then soon after, loses herself. When it looks like she will be lost forever, the road of fate leads her to a blue convertible owned by the mysterious Billy Caldwell. She is informed Billy has twenty-four hours to get out of town and needs her help to get all of his affairs in order. But why does he have to leave? And what is the big hurry? As they drive around Atlanta in Billy’s ragtop, visiting the people and places dear to him, Sarah realizes the crisp, October air has breathed new life into her due to her new friend. What she doesn’t realize is Billy has been watching her. For years. And someone has been watching Billy. For decades…

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About: Everyone in the beach town of Turtle Point comes to Ghostwriters, the craziest Bookbar on the Atlantic coast, where the party doesn’t end until sunrise as people read their favorite books while sipping their favorite adult beverages. The owner, an effervescent Redhead named Sienna McCaslin, loves two things: her Bookbar and her best friend, Pulitzer Prize winning author, Jasper George, who lost his passion for writing after a personal tragedy. The only thing Jasper writes these days is his name on a bar tab since he lives life at the bottom of a bourbon bottle. Sienna is desperate to bring him back to the living, and her prayers are answered when a young woman comes to town looking for help with her manuscript. However, Sienna’s plan backfires when Jasper’s mentoring of the aspiring author takes him further away from her, and when the manuscript is finished, Jasper is offered a job at the top literary agency in New York. Sienna knows her love is in vain, so she is the one who leaves Turtle Point first by selling Ghostwriters and starting a new life in wine country. Unfortunately, Jasper realizes he loves her, but is it too late to bring her home before he loses his Redheaded girl and Ghostwriters forever?

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About: American soccer player Ryan Tarkington is regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world. His life cannot be any better, but it all turns to sudden death when an overeager angel mistakenly brings him to Heaven. He eventually returns to Earth to reclaim his body, but there is one minor problem. It’s been cremated. When the body of Chadwick Sutton, the loathed owner of a soccer team in England comes available, Ryan isn’t interested. But when he crosses paths with another pro soccer player, Samantha Densmore, he agrees to become Sutton only to save her team from being disbanded, then he will resume his search and leave London. Ryan has it all figured out, that is until he falls for Samantha and decides to become Sutton for good. Then he is informed he can no longer use Sutton’s body because a new body has been found, and he will have no memory of who he was, how he got there, or who Samantha is. It will take an act of God for Ryan to find Samantha. Then again, Heaven does owe him a favor…

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About: Professor George Callahan is a finalist for the Hemingway Historical Grant, which he hopes to win to further his research for the lost Hemingway manuscripts.
Darcie Davenport is also a Hemingway fan, but her track record of being asked to leave colleges, accidental fires, and general mayhem that follows her, has not translated well into her professional and love life. When George comes to New York for the announcement, he is also responsible for delivering a rare copy of The Sun Also Rises, which was loaned to him for an event at his university. When he arrives at the historic Scribner’s Building, where Hemingway once worked on the novel, he runs into Darcie. Literally. Due to Darcie’s hijinks, the book is lost, and they have 48 hours to find it. If not, George will not only lose the grant, but his job and his domineering girlfriend back home. The only question now is, will they find the book, or love at the end of the journey?

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