Soul Strung

Book Two – the Stones of Power Series by Rachel Hobbs

Girl Island

Ever wished you could leave everything behind and move to a tropical island in the middle of a distant ocean? What you are about to read may make you change your mind.

Millie loves Malaga

Millie loves Malaga is a honest, not vulgar and funny story. The main character, Millie, is a 22 years old girl from the outskirts of Birmingham, who runs away from it after a close encounter with the wife of her last conquest. Which, let’s put that in writing, she had no idea was married.

In the heat of the moment, she heads to the airport and books a flight for… “Surprise me!” is the destination she provides to the airline employee on the other side of the desk. The only thing she ask for is sun and a weather hot enough to wear a bikini. That’s how she ends up in Malaga, where she comes across the most disparate ensemble of people.