Book reviews

Take Two

Book Three of the ‘A Gia, San Francisco Romance’ Series

Missed Connection

Book Two of the series A Gia, San Francisco Romance by Stephanie Shea

Beneath the Surface

Book Three of the DCI Jane Birchfield Murder Mysteries by Heaton Wilson

Soul Strung

Book Two – the Stones of Power Series by Rachel Hobbs

Girl Island

Ever wished you could leave everything behind and move to a tropical island in the middle of a distant ocean? What you are about to read may make you change your mind.

Millie loves Malaga

Millie loves Malaga is a honest, not vulgar and funny story. The main character, Millie, is a 22 years old girl from the outskirts of Birmingham, who runs away from it after a close encounter with the wife of her last conquest. Which, let’s put that in writing, she had no idea was married. In…