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Not for Vanity is a website made by writers for writers. It was born to give a voice to the multitude of brilliant authors out there who chose self-publishing as a viable alternative to traditional publishing (for whatever reason).

As writers ourselves, we understand that self-promotion is a stressful, non-remunerative and time-consuming task that leaves you drained and frustrated. There’s a million people out there like us, talented writers with great books under their belts, but no one to pay them the attention they deserve, despite all their efforts. 

This is where we, Not for Vanity, come into play: we’ll promote your book entirely FOR FREE on our website and social channels, no strings attached. We’ll read and review it if we can, and/or offer you a dedicated space to showcase your work and tell your story. 

We want to create a thriving community of writers that encourage and support each other, exchanging ideas, feedback and giving each other a virtual pat on the back when needed. 

Come and join us, let’s show the world that self-publishing is not a vanity project.


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