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It’s a terrible world out there, even more so if you are a self-published author. As a writer that has chosen a viable alternative to traditional publishing (for whatever reason), you surely have to be a “one-man-show”: you are the writer, the editor, the front cover designer, the publisher, the agent, the promoter, the networker and the social media manager. It is also highly likely you will be a mother, a husband, a student, a waitress, an accountant, a son, an auntie, a dog-walker, a designated driver for the night. You might find a minute to sleep if you’re lucky.

Self-promotion is a stressful, non-remunerative and time-consuming task that will leave you drained, frustrated and ready to give up to go selling souvenirs to rich tourists on a Caribbean beach. I know, I am a writer too. There’s a million people out there like us, with great ideas, good books under their belts but no one to pay them any attention, even if they are trying to be noticed in any way possible. They pray every night the algorithm gods to push their product up just for a minute and give them a breath of fresh air, but inevitably they will get lost in the myriad of hashtags and writers and authors account, ending up orphans of that attention they deserve.

This is were we, the Not For Vanity Team, come into play. We know the struggles, the blood, sweat and tears you put in your book, the sacrifices you made and the charme giving up and move on has in the darkest nights. We know it because we’ve been there many times ourselves, and that’s why we want to help you through it. Our aim is to create a thriving community of writers that encourage, support and interact with each other, exchanging ideas, feedback and giving each other a virtual pat on the shoulder when needed. It’s not a matter of how many followers you have on social media, or how many times you’ve been rejected by traditional publishers. It’s a matter of showcasing to the world you too have a good product with great potential.

We focus on romance, young adults, historical and commercial fiction, and we follow a three-steps process:

  1. SUBMISSION: share your self-published work with us
  2. PRODUCTION: we’ll do our best to review your book and offer you an interview (we’re only a team of two)
  3. PROMOTION: we’ll promote your work on our social media accounts.

What are you waiting for, then? Email us or follow us on social media! All you have to do is reach out and join us in this mad adventure!


ELLA PIAZZI (Editor in Chief)

A Creative Writing graduate from Birkbeck University (London), they are about to self-publish their first novel, Your Patroclus, always.

ALEX MINGONI (PR and Branding)

A full-time consultant and project manager, Alex is currently studying towards a MA in Digital Media Management, focusing on online branding and promotion.


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