R.D. Stevens joins our team

We are delighted to announce a new entry for the Not for Vanity Team: writer Robin Stevens! Let us introduce him…

R. D. STEVENS grew up in Kent, England, with an overactive imagination and a love of big questions. After going to university to study Philosophy, he escaped the UK and travelled the world for two years. On his return, he worked in the charity sector, before training as a philosophy teacher and completing his MA. Outside of writing, after spending fifteen years in secondary school teaching, he currently lives in South East London and works at King’s College University. He loves to read and review books, play the guitar, and talk about existentialism (with anyone who’ll listen). 

Originally a self-published author, his award-winning young adult/new adults debut, ‘The Journal’, was picked up by Vulpine Press and released in August ’22, and ‘The Freeze’, his sophomore novel, was released in January ’23. He has had a number of short stories published in various destinations, and was shortlisted for the Olga Sinclair Prize in 2023. He is currently working on his third novel whilst trying to find time to host/produce a new authorly podcast – Perspectives on Pages – with his friend and fellow author Benjamin Roesch.

What he is looking to read: he enjoys reading a variety of genres and styles, books that feel real with authentic characters that take him with them on a journey to somewhere new. He likes well-crafted and thoughtful prose, complex characterisations and stories with a hint of darkness… He is open to reading thrillers, crime, literary fiction, young adults/new adults, sci fi, dystopian, mystery, contemporary fiction, and graphic novels. He also understands that not all books fit neatly into genres (neither of his do) so he’s always interested in stories that cross-genres too. He’s also not all that interested in romance, fantasy, and non-fiction. Anything else, well, it depends on whether the story grabs him!

You can find out more by visiting, follow him on Instagram, and pick up a copy of his novels in all good online retailers.

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