Wolf at the door

A horror novel by Joel McKay

Wolf at the door, Joel McKay, Birchwood Press, 2022

Picture this: it’s Thanksgiving (or Christmas if you are in Europe), you are a teenager who must spend time with close family and some of their friends, relatives, and a bunch of neighbours that you can’t stand normally, let alone in the confined space of your home. What you really want to do, instead, is spending time with your besties, who are, just like you, going through similar experiences. Knowing that you are not alone cheers you up a bit. So, you put up with it the best you can, and become one with your cell phone – the only way you have to keep sane and in touch with your friends – and brace yourself for what’s to come.

You walk downstairs and there they are, the worse congregation of humans only a mad man could have put together: Char Deerborn, your mum, wearing the necklace your great-grandmother left to her instead of your grandmother, skipping one generation and causing a ruckus in the family; Doug Deerborn, your dad, a weird and weak creature – the only man you know who took his wife’s name instead of the other way round; Tommy, your annoying little brother, going around with that stupid Michael Myers mask you stopped finding funny from moment one; your mother’s best friends MikeandMarleen, just like that, in a single world, because they are considered one single item even if they always look on edge around each other; Randy Richards, the bachelor, mortgage-free, retired neighbour, who’s a weirdo but despite seeing you smoking a spliff didn’t tell your parents; Uncle Danny, your father’s brother, recently released from jail who mistook you for a young cheek to hit on which you find simply disgusting; grandma Mable and grandpa Fred, your father’s parents, who are helping your mother in the kitchen even if she’s not their biggest fan because she thinks they are big-C conservatives who despise how her and your father are raising their family, but is civilised enough to hide it; last but not least there are Craig and Amy, the couple living across the road from you. Wait, they are supposed to be here, but they are not. They must be late as usual, perhaps because Craig, who is a huge videogame player probably lost track of time shooting some of his online friends, now delaying them both.

The bell rings. Here they are, you think, fashionably late. Now that we are all here, that torture adults call dinner can finally begins. On the other side of the door, though, there are grandma Judy and grandpa Owen, who decided to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of the family instead being stuck in traffic for hours due to a bad car accident on the highway. 

As soon as grandma Judy sees your mother’s necklace, it’s a battle of snipes and hasty comments: the house, the kids, the way your father is cutting the turkey, your mother’s dress. When Doug tries to redirect the attention to something else, voicing the fact that MikeandMarleen are talking about divorce, all hell breaks loose.

“So, Mike, Marleen, when are you guys filing papers?” he blurted out.
The dining room erupted. Fred and Mable. Charlotte looked up from her phone for the first time in fifteen minutes, finally more interested in reality than her digital friends. Tommy looked confused. Char’s rage had turned on Doug instead of her mother. Mike’s shoulders slumped. And Dan, well, had a strange little smile.

The only thing that can ruin the show is your little brother insisting he saw a monster. He’s just a child, after all, and right now adults have more important business to attend to. They dismiss him with few words and carry on trying to save what can be saved, but the damage is done and Mike leaves the house, or at least tries to. After six gin and tonics his reflexes are not top notch, and he smashes his car against a wall. While dealing with this new accident, the fold is attacked by a non-better identified animal, probably a bear (or so they’d like to think), but little Tommy insists on it being an Abiku, a demon that attacks the Yoruba people in Africa and eats children, and sometimes adults too.

No one wants to believe him, until the lights go off and the house is under siege, attacked by a mysterious monster with fangs and a thick fur that rapidly kills half of the family, relatives and friends and leaves the surviving ones in a state of petrified stupor and paralysing shock.

Wolf at the door is a short, scary novella that appeals to the most hidden fantasies of human beings. Who wouldn’t be happier to be under attack by a werewolf than spending time with their family at Thanksgiving/Christmas? Don’t lie, many of us are in this situation! The narrative is brilliant and very well built, considering there are 15 characters in total; each one is well rounded, their back story just enough to create conflict with the others and give the reader an accurate picture of the family dynamics. What makes this novella most interesting is the fact that the story arc is built around different parts of the dinner, so we have ‘Before dinner’, ‘Cocktails’, ‘The dinner’ and so on, creating a unique crescendo where events and relationships gradually unfold: we warm up with a cocktail while setting the scene, have the main meal, where we finally tackle the real problems and we end with dessert, where we savour the bitter-sweet success. 

Besides finding this structure very smart, I deeply appreciated the theatrical setting of the story, developed exclusively inside a single house and the surrounding garden: once place is out of the way, the focus can be transferred onto the characters and, most of all, the action, which we have plenty of.

One aspect that perhaps could have done with a little more attention is pace: it’s a horror story, and the best way to build tension is dilating time and enriching the prose with every single, little scary detail of whatever happens. Apart from that, we are not at all surprised this novella won Joel the 2022 Global Book Award gold medal for horror, we can clearly see why!

What creepy, brilliant story will he come up with next? We can only hope it’s soon enough… In the meantime, we will look out for the next full moon, hoping none of our neighbours and close friends are coming for dinner.



Welsh Poet, Author and Playwright

To kick things off, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? Who is M. L. Farr ? 

I would describe myself as a middle-aged Welshman who likes playing about with words. Having failed at many things in my early years I decided to concentrate on something that I enjoyed. If I was going to put my time and effort into anything it should be something that brought me joy. The creative process gave me that happiness. 

You are a very prolific writer, spanning across a variety of genres. What is the secret behind your creativity?

I’m not sure that there is a secret to one’s creativity. If there is, I haven’t found it. I think that creativity is in us all. As children we think nothing of playing games and creating characters. As adults we often forget how to pretend, how to use our imaginations. Authors I believe are the ones that haven’t forgotten how to be someone else every now and then. 

Personally, I like to write everything down. I don’t trust my brain to remember all of, if any, of my ideas. No matter how strange or seemingly unimportant it may be, I make sure I write it down. Be that in a notebook, a scrap of paper or on my phone. Old notes can always be returned to. You never know when you may feel the need for a little change of direction, a plot twist, an extra character or an interesting location for your work in progress to take place. 

I have found that a good way not to get bogged down or stuck within the story (Writers block if you will) is to go and write something else. Something that is nothing at all like what I had been working on. The change in style, format or tone usually serves to fool my little brain into not concentrating on the hurdle that I could not find a way past. Often, as soon as I am no longer thinking about it, the solution will present itself when I am not even looking. 

Of all the books you have written what is your favourite and why?

Asking me to choose a favourite book is a little like trying to pick a favourite family member. We shouldn’t do it but it really depends on the situation and what mood I am in at the time. 

The Forgotten Town series is my best seller so that will always be up there. As I can be as shallow as the next man and we all rather like getting paid. If I did have to pick one, I would probably say Blood Island though. It took a long time to write with much research before I even put pen to paper. (Yes, I do still write everything long hand before I type anything, old school). 

Can you tell us something about your writing habits?

The way I approach each project is as individual as the work itself. Again, it depends on my frame of mind. I don’t like to force myself to do anything. Sometimes I like to spend time creating the plot beforehand. Other times I prefer to create the characters first and once I know them well enough, let them guide the story.

Which ever way I start I will always have a collection of notes and ideas. Many of which I will not use until a later book, but I will still take a look at them as I write. I find that they help push the chaotic side of my brain into something like the right direction. I have been known to jot down ideas at the dinner table, in the pub, in the bath, pretty much anywhere. If left alone I can sometimes write all day and night. Finishing a book before I have a chance to stop and think about it. Some days I will procrastinate, drinking tea and making excuses why I can’t finish a single page. Those days are fine by me too. One word is better than none. 

What were the most challenging and most rewarding moments in your career?

Any time I finish a page I feel that is an accomplishment but my ego does love it when people comment on a book. I recently overheard a conversation about one of my books and when I tried to give a little input considering the characters I was corrected. Apparently the two readers had worked out exactly what was going to happen in the next book and where it would be set. They were wrong by the way but it did make me smile as they had no idea I was the author. Does nobody look at the back cover?

As with many authors I find advertising the most challenging. That and realising that I cannot draw after finishing a children’s series that required illustration.

What can we expect from M. L. Farr in the future?

There will be at least another two instalments to the Forgotten Town series. One if which I have already started. Also, I have a WIP that is currently entitled Shouting at Shadows, (although that may well change as the story evolves) that is threatening to be unlike anything I have ever written before.

When you are not writing what do you like to read? 

I would recommend reading anything and everything that you can. I try to. From Agatha Christie to Isaac Asimov, Arthur Conan Doyle to Terry Pratchett, William Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde. Graphic novels, magazines and newspapers can all provide information and inspiration as much as a novel big enough to prop a door open with. 

I would like to add that if you read something you like please pass on that information. Maybe even leave a review if that is possible. Too many people are ready to knock authors without realising that not every book is for everyone. If a book is not for you that does not mean it was a bad book. Only badly chosen by you. Be kind to each other and fellow authors. A lot of time and emotion will have been put into whatever it is you read. 

All books by M.L. Farr are available for purchase at:


Self-Promo 2023 (Ep. 7): Peter Draper

Author of the urban crime thriller series ‘The King of Gravesend’

The King of Gravesend Series. Peter Draper, 2022 – 2023.


The series follows the story of Chuds Douglas, who was once a big deal in his home town of Gravesend, Kent.  He left the country for reasons only hinted at and is deported back to the UK from America after 20 years away.  He is left at Heathrow with 200 Canadian Dollars, a sack of clothes and a few personal belongings. Calling on his family, friends and old business colleagues he starts to rebuild his life but falls foul of a new family in town who are involved in illegal activities that make his own chequered past seem positively tame.

With his life back in order, some successful businesses in hand and a new relationship Chuds seems to have everything he needs.  Except a challenge.  His new businesses takes him to The Philippines where, after flashing too much money in the wrong area, he is kidnapped by Abu Sayyef for ransom.  Can his old colleagues get him home? 


The books are based in Gravesend, the town that I grew up in, and are faithful to the location.  Many of the characters and plot points are based on actual people and events that have been somewhat exaggerated into an almost cartoonish state.  The fictional stories are woven around people that I knew and places that I grew up in. 

The books are full of dark humour, the kind that was our defence mechanism in darker times,  the comedy integrates with the stories and people.  It was described by a beta reader as being like “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels had a love child with Only Fools and Horses.” The action scenes are based on personal experiences and while not glorified, they are somewhat realistic.

While the books are inclusive, featuring LGBTQ+ characters, etc. they are not in any way politically correct, but they are funny, have a fast and engaging narrative and will keep you laughing and intrigued. 


Peter was born in Gravesend and spent the first 30+ years of his life there working, amongst other things, as a Cinema Manager, Assistant Entertainments Manager to the Borough and a self-employed businessman.  Wanderlust led him to travel to the USA where he discovered a passion for Skydiving.  He became a professional Parachute Rigger, Skydiving Instructor and Drop Zone Manager. He made over 7000 jumps including over 2000 Tandems and worked for a major Skydiving Equipment Manufacturer. 

It was there that he was introduced to the newly formed Qatar Armed Forces Airborne Group who offered him a position in Qatar with the Joint Special Forces as a rigger and instructor.  After working with them for 11 years he retired to The Philippines in 2020, where he lives with his wife, and writes.    


You can find additional info on my work on my website:

I am also on the following social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Editor Note: At the time of the interview, Book Three in the series was yet to be published – it was however released in February 2023. Peter’s books are available for purchase on Amazon:


Self-Promo 2023 (Ep.6): Greg Garrison

Author of ‘Children of Midgard’ (The Freyerton Saga, Vol.1)

Children of Midgard. Greg Garrison, 2023.

“Children of Midgard may keep you up at night. It may fill you with a sense of wonder and adventure. It is certain to stick with you and make you think about the power of family, the meaning of destiny, and the value of people you pass on the street every day”.


Mythology, horror, fantasy, and superheroes merge into a wild adventure when 12 years old twins Stephen & Joanne learn that they’re descendants of Norse gods and develop super powers, which they must use to rescue their Dad from a malevolent, psychopathic shape-shifter. Not all gods are good.


‘Children of Midgard’ tells an exciting story that starts with a terrifying scene and never lets up. Every scene advances a character, the plot, or both. World-building is extensive but concise, largely done through dialogue and action rather than exposition. It is a unique mashup of multiple genres, and while all of the elements feel familiar, the way they are told is fresh and wild.


The Freyerton Saga is planned to have nine or ten volumes, one for each of the nine realms in Norse cosmology. Each book will be self-contained to a certain extent, and as the series progresses, more people from Freyerton will emerge with powers, ultimately leading to a conflict that threatens to destroy the town and the High North along with it.

Volume 2, entitled ‘Outlaws of Alfheim’, is already a work in progress. I have been plotting it in my head and will soon move to storyboarding and then writing. Jo will narrate this one, so the voice will be distinct besides the setting, her perspective revealing things about Stephen that he did not include in his story. It opens with a piano recital at the town hall. While Jo is playing, giants arrive with the intention of kidnapping the twins. A group of elves rescue Jo, Stephen, Lori Grimmick, and a new character who goes to school with them and does not know he is a descendant of gods. The twins’ actions in ‘Children of Midgard’ have led to a war between gods and giants. Rogue elves plan to take advantage of the situation by waging a guerrilla campaign that will drive giants from Alfheim, the world of elves. This violates a treaty between the United Republics of Jotunheim and the Pacific Kingdoms of Alfheim. All the twins want is to go home, but instead they will join the fight and become outlaws in Alfheim.


I studied writing at Davidson College (North Carolina) with Pinckney Benedict and Dr Tony Abbott of blessed memory, who also mentored Patricia Cornwell when she was a student at Davidson.


My handle is @thegreggarrison on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Editor Note: Released in January this year, Greg’s YA novel has received excellent reviews both on Amazon and Goodreads. It is available for purchase in the UK on Amazon, in all the standard formats as well as audiobook:


Self-Promo 2023 (Ep.5): Rebecca J. Cole

Author of the recently released ‘Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession’


Emma Grace lives with her stepfather, Frank, who has been abusing her most of her life. When they move to a new town, she gets a job as a waitress, where she soon meets Dante, a handsome but scary Italian man, who becomes a regular customer at the café. Dante refuses to be waited on by anyone but Emma Grace, and they soon become friends. She resists his attempts to become closer, out of fear of her stepfather. When Dante discovers that she is being abused, he threatens Frank, and the abuse stops, although Emma Grace does not know the reason. Emma Grace’s life is put into danger when Dante’s enemies seek revenge on him and try to kidnap Emma Grace. Dante is then forced to tell her about his ties to the mafia. Although she has fallen in love with him  this time, fear for his criminal background pushes her to try to get away from him. In the end, Emma Grace’s love for him overcomes her fear, and they plan a life together.


Mafia romance stories seem to be very popular, but this story doesn’t have the erotic sex scenes that most of them include. If you like clean romance, this would be a good choice.


I started writing in 2020, after I sold my business, and my father, who I had been helping to care for, passed away. I suddenly had a lot of extra time on my hands, so decided to try writing. Once I started, I became a little obsessed, publishing three books in one year. 



Goodreads: Rebecca J. Cole

Facebook: Rebecca Cole

Instagram: rjcole101

Editor Note: A very prolific writer, Rebecca self-published another two romance novels in 2022. All her books are available for purchase at:


Self-Promo 2023 (Ep. 4): Ben Andrews

Introducing Ben’s newly released novel ‘Secrets, Lies & Revenge’


Set in an affluent area of England, Emily Lamont moves to Beechwood Close with her grandmother. After years of struggling with money and a plan for revenge, Emily’s newly found fortune allows her to infiltrate the exclusive neighbourhood and transform her closest neighbours into trusting friends. One woman on the street is Emily’s target, but first she must gain the support of the group and exact her plan for revenge on one unexpected person. This twisted mystery dives into the lives of four women as you quickly find out every neighbour has their own secrets. When Emily’s plan reaches its conclusion, will she find revenge is the best answer? Or will these women she befriends surprise her with their own deadly secrets and lies?


What sets this book apart from anything I’ve written in the past are the characters. I wanted to make them larger than life, a feeling of Dynasty with their wealthy living and camp dialogue but with a modern twist on their individual story arcs and problems that arise during the book. The women appear rich and disassociated with the real world from the start, but as the book goes on and you spend time in the heads of these different characters, the reader gets to know these women and the problems they are suffering behind closed doors. The topics covered in the book can be dark, so I wanted to balance that darkness out with some black comedy and eccentric side characters and situations they can find themselves in. 


Ben Andrews worked for years in the hairdressing industry in the south of England, and along with the training, came the vast people he met from different walks of life. This wide variety of clients gave him endless stories and quirks to inspire his writing and twist the real world into his own works of fiction, and his newest release does exactly that. Selling his business and moving to Scotland with his partner Alex during the height of lockdown gave its own set of challenges, but with the extra time, he found space to write and get the stories from his head to paper.


Twitter: @Benand_rews

Instagram: @benand_rews

Facebook: Ben Andrews Author

TikTok: @benand_rews

Editor Note: Ben Andrews is also the author of the mystery thriller ‘The Grave Series’ (Volume 1 & 2), published in 2022. All his books are available for purchase at


Melinda West: monster gunslinger

The first novel by KC Grifant

Melinda West: monster gunslinger, KC Grifant, Brigids Gate Press, 2023

“Somewhere here was the start of the Monster Massacre of Double Moon a hundred years ago, when the Edge appeared.” 

Melinda nodded, history lessons that Abel and Beatrice had repeated swirling in her mind. When trade opened across the plains and western oceans, newcomers from the Grand Isles arrived, some fighting to take over land from the firstcomers. But once the Edge appeared and its hordes of monsters took out a good chunk of residents, newcomers and firstcomers banded together to fight back. Since then, something changed about the Edge. The majority of creatures stopped straying into human territory, though there were plenty of exceptions, as evidenced by Melinda and Lance’s surplus of work.

Here’s Melinda: 28 years old, a monsters gunslinger who never missed a shot in her professional life, about to complete her last mission. With her, there is Lance: a sweet talker, great with weapons and ready to retire too. When we meet them for the very first time, they are fighting hard against a herd of critters that is attacking a village. The pair have been summoned by the local sheriff – ‘named Gatsum or Garry or something like that, Melinda couldn’t remember which’ – who is scared senseless, but also useless when it comes to fighting creatures that come from the Edge.

Melinda is about to take the final shot, when she stops: either the Sheriff gives them the money he promised, or she will walk. Gatsum or Garry or something like that agrees, however reluctantly. The mission is completed, money changes hands, Melinda and Lance collect some samples to take home to Aunt Beatrice, and they both call it a day on their life as monsters gunslingers.

Or so they believe.

While clearing up, Melinda notices something from the corner of her eye. It comes from a nearby mine, and her instinct tells her that, whatever it is, it deserves a closer look. Inside, in the pitch-black cave, she finds mother scorpion and dozens of her translucent baby eggs. But she also finds a stone, something as big as an acorn, silver as the moon, that hits her with a wave of vertigo as soon as she touches it, makes her fingers go numb and seems to whisper unintelligible words. Melinda collects two samples before blowing the mine off.

With one last look behind them, the two gunslingers start their journey home. It’s nice to be back to their village, reunite with Aunt Beatrice and Abel, an inventor who leaves next door and helps them in their line of work, relax, have an often dreamt of homecooked dinner and a real bed instead of beef jerky and camping for the night.

No one can imagine that this fragile euphoria will be broken so soon. Talking about their last mission, Melinda tells her Aunt about the mysterious stone she found in the cave.

“Eyestone” Beatrice gasps when Melinda shows her.

As soon as she pronounces these words, Abel becomes agitated and before he can add anything, a spider comes in through the window like a cannonball, quickly followed by many more and a red cloud of mist. Melinda is weirdly fascinated by it. There is something in there, a shape that slowly takes form, and, as unbelievable as it might seem, it’s the image of a man, but before Melinda can tell who he is, the light goes off, and when Aunt Beatrice gets the fire going, Melinda finds a spider right on her chest. Abel quickly swipes it away from her, but he gets bitten in the process, and passes out. It’s immediately clear that Abel is not just wounded, because he looks like he’s dead, even if he’s still breathing.

“What aren’t you saying?” Melinda asks Aunt Beatrice. The explanation is clear and simple: many years before, Abel was held against his will working on the railroads, and he would have done anything to get out of it. He actually did: he contacted a person that put a spell on him, a powerful one that let him see into people’s minds. In this way, Abel could persuade his guards to let him go. The spell didn’t stop working once he was freed and Abel used this power to bring peace in his country. But it also left him with a soul brighter than normal, and that is the problem: there are creatures, known as soul suckers, that feed on this type of souls. While Abel found a way to keep his aura hidden, the eyestone that Melinda brought back from her last mission neutralized this protection and left Abel vulnerable. The only hope they have to save him is to go after these soul sucker spiders and get Abel’s soul back.

And so, the journey begins. They will meet many more people, from Aine, the clairvoyant, to Angelo and Topaz the bounty hunters after Eloise, Harston the demon, and Eekuts, weird creatures similar to prairie dogs, or Snow Krakens, which are comparable to a twenty-foot octopus. They will face epic battles with Edge Raiders, a group of self-appointed guardians ensuring monsters from the Edge don’t stray too far. We will even descend into the edge itself with Melinda, a sort of Underworld where we look for our loved ones’ souls.

This book has everything one can ask for: a strong female leading character, monsters, irony, a supernatural setting, a fast pace, and a great narrative. KC is constantly in control of the narrative, she trickles new information at the right moment, just to give her readers enough to put some pieces together but not enough to stop wondering how it will all end.

I absolutely loved the prose: it’s clean, it’s linear, it’s concise but not clipped, even if it may have done with a few more descriptions, both of the environment and of the unnatural creatures. Apart from that, this book is an absolute jewel, a whirlwind of events keeping readers glued to the page and have them begging for more.

Which is, given how the book ends, highly likely.

And to be honest, here at Not For Vanity, we can’t wait to read the rest!

Get your copy now!

About KC Grifant

KC Grifant is a Southern Californian author who writes internationally published horror, fantasy, science fiction and weird west stories for podcasts, anthologies and magazines. 

Her writings have appeared in magazines and podcasts including: Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (cover story for issue #70), Unnerving Magazine, Aurealis Magazine, Fission Magazine, Cosmic Horror Monthly, Dark Matter Magazine, Tales to Terrify, the Lovecraft eZine, Sley House Podcasts, and many others. 

In addition to a Weird West horror novel, MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER (Feb 2023), she has also written stories for dozens of anthologies, including: Chromophobia; Dancing in the Shadows: A Tribute to Anne Rice; Musings of the Muse; Field Notes from a Nightmare; The One That Got Away; Six Guns Straight From Hell; Trembling with Fear: Year One; Shadowy Natures; Beyond the Infinite: Tales from the Outer Reaches; and the Stoker-nominated Fright Mare: Women Write Horror.

In addition, she is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA), as well as the co-founder of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) San Diego chapter, an organization that helps to connect writers and fans of horror literature.

All books by KC Grifant are available for purchase at:


Self-Promo Feature 2023 (Ep. 3): D.B. Rook

Author of ‘Callus & Crow’ (The Wayward World Chronicles, Volume 1)

Callus & Crow. D. B. Rook, 2022.


From the dry winds of the West to the shadowy council chambers of a dark city of innovation, Callus & Crow is a twisted odyssey of revenge and redemption. Following an exiled tribesman with a lust for blood, and his ward, a young ranch hand with a desire to thwart the ravages of fate as they follow whispers of prophecy across the monster infested sea. In the new world a tyrannical council seek to overpower each other whilst dominating their people.

Can a path of blood lead to redemption? Is redemption enough to amend a wayward world?


Callus & Crow is a genre hybrid with many appealing ingredients, at it’s heart it is a fantasy novel but its post-apocalyptic setting allows for many tropes and themes to be explored. The wayward world is a world rising from an apocalyptic event, the population build the new civilisations based on previous cultures and the remnants of a dead reality. Popular culture is mistaken for historical fact and technology and advancement occurs in isolated lands, separated by, until now, uncrossable seas. The wayward world allows for diversity and exploration beyond typical fantasy settings and offers the ingredients you want to read about in a plausible and engaging way.


DB Rook is a dreamer, a gamer, and an explorer of other worlds. He has spent over 10 years working on the frontline of homeless services in the North of England. Working in addiction with vulnerable people has fuelled the fire of imagination and escapism. Callus & Crow is the first of his Wayward World Chronicles and he is busy hammering away at the keys to create the next installment.


Your readers can find me on:

Facebook: DB Rook

Twitter: @DB_Rook

TiKToK: @DB_Rook

My website is also coming soon!

Callus & Crow’ is available for purchase at: