Self-Promo 2023 (Ep. 33): Louise Broderick 

DI Grace Tallis Series. Lavender And White, 2020 – 2023.

Where is My Daughter (second book in the series): Handsome, charming Eddie Hammett has a nasty obsession, to choose, to capture and then to kill.  There seems to be an endless supply of young women no one knows or cares about. Vulnerable young women are going missing, while on an isolated farm in the beautiful Cornish countryside the body count is rising. Held prisoner in a damp, dark cellar, Glanna Pendrick gives birth to her abductor’s child. As her daughter grows a single thought sustains Glanna, she must escape before she is killed.

In a small Cornish town Jean Anderson, stinging from the harsh words of an argument with her daughter, waits for her to come home.  Ayla McDonald arrives in Truro, looking for somewhere to stay.  Lindy Walker leaves a music festival early and begins to walk back to her camp site. Susie Carne accepts a lift after a night out. Raw recruit WPC Grace Tallis is convinced there is a link between the missing women but no one in the force has any interest in what she thinks. 

Why did He Die? (third book in the series): The gruesome murder of Jago Carey in the staff accommodation of Park Hall, an idyllic Cornish country mansion, brings DI Grace Tallis back to work, with a new partner, DS Max Wilton. Suspects abound. All have secrets to hide, but who loathed, feared or resented him enough to kill? The police enquiry uncovers a web of lies woven into the lives of everyone connected with Jago Carey. As the investigation continues the beautiful land surrounding Park Hall begins to reveal more hidden horrors. As the body count rises the remains of one young woman link Jago Carey to a serial killer who was at work in the Cornish countryside almost two decades ago.  Like Eddie Hammett, his mentor, Jago had a taste for those who no one would miss. The detectives begin to uncover the true horror hidden behind the glamourous façade, Jago Carey’s sickening craving for the vulnerable. Was Jago’s death connected to his circle of acquaintances, or to those whose lives he ended and whose unmarked graves he looked out on every day?

My website tagline is ‘strong characters, privileged worlds, shattered lives’. After writing romance for many years, I was gradually drawn to the darker side of life, where evil lurks amongst us. The ‘DI Grace Tallis’ Series in particular is set in Cornwall, a county I have strong connections with. 

I was born in Derbyshire, UK and now live on a small farm on the west coast of Ireland where I breed horses. While working as a magazine editor I published my first book, a sports biography, before starting to write fiction. I write both crime and romance novels. I also write for children as Jacqui Broderick. 

My Author Website: I am also on Facebook and Instagram.

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