In Conversation with Joseph Roy Wright

Hi Joseph, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. To begin with, we’d like to know: when did you start writing and why? Did you get inspiration from a famous writer, or did you put pen on paper and simply started?

I’ve always wanted to create my own stories from a young age, when my imagination was wild, whether it be books, games or movies. Self-Publishing was an easy way to achieve my dream. My favourite author is J.R.R Tolkien, who created the very sophisticated and deep Middle Earth franchise. It’s what made me realise fiction can be whole new world, not just stories. I started writing for real at 19 years old, in 2017.

Did you take any formal qualifications (e.g. creative writing, English lit or anything related) before you started writing or after? Do you think it is necessary to study first or not?

I struggled a lot at first, because I hadn’t studied English since school. I revisited College in 2022 and earned a level 5 (C) grade in English, which made me a more confident writer. In fact, my later books have gotten better reviews too.

Do you have a writing routine? If not, what would be your ideal writing day?

A day off work is the perfect writing day, especially with a good coffee by my side. I try to write daily, but only if I’m in a creative mode, on weekdays I write during my break times and after I finish for the day.

You definitely wrote a lot of books in such a short period of time – a lot of professional best-selling authors are not able to work at such a pace… What’s your writing process? Do you outline a general idea and then put meat to the bones, or do you work with flashcards and stay on the same scene until it’s perfected before moving on?

I envision the many stories I’d like to tell throughout the day, it’s the excitement of a new idea that pushes me forwards. I write on my mobile phone very often, so I’m never too far from a keyboard. I plan on writing 100 books as a possible life goal, hoping that will surely boost my visibility.

Your genre and target audience: you write horror stories for both YA and adults, but we’d say your style is probably more suited to younger audiences. Have you ever thought about writing for younger readers?

I’ve definitely thought about writing for younger audiences; however, it is hard to decipher what is or isn’t too mature/scary for young readers. That is why I like writing adult horror, as it lets me go as far as I want, when it comes to scares.

We assume that as a writer you are also a great reader. What are your favourite genres and books? What are you currently reading?

Reading Horror always intrigues me, but I love dark fantasy as well. Exploring the unknown and discovering true terror is a thrilling experience. I’m currently reading ‘War of The Worlds’, imagining the terrifying aliens from outer space is amazing to me. 

What are your plans for the future? What’s next?

I plan on finishing my multiple book sagas, I’ve written a Sci-Fi epic in a dystopian future, a dark fantasy adventure set in a medieval realm, and an ongoing horror series that explores my home town of Runcorn and its many occult & extra-terrestrial secrets. 

Anything else you’d like to add before we sign off?

If anybody is interested in writing fiction but feels defeated after poor sales or lack of attention: write for yourself, tell the stories you really want to see come to life as there is nothing more satisfying then finishing a good story you imagined yourself.

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