Equilibrium audiobook, by MK Schultz

We are thrilled to announce that Equilibrium is now available in audiobook format too! Grab your copy here and refresh your mind about the book right below!

Experience Kassius Kanex like never before in the epic conclusion.

In anticipation of the arrival of an evil that could rob Kassius Kanex of his power, he must go off-grid, in search of the only hope there is to defeat it.

With the help of his larger-than-life best friend Rock, the engineers, his faithful pod keepers, a secret-keeping crow and a time-travel-enabling octopus, Kassius Kanex must expand his organization to levels even he did not dream to be possible.

Can the world survive the evil long enough for Kassius to find the only thing powerful enough to stop it?

The whole of humanity depends on one thing: EQUILIBRIUM.

This is book three of a trilogy. The sci-fi and horror in this book are biblical in proportion. The conclusion of the story will leave readers with their jaw dropping.

Find out more about the author on his websiteTwitter and Instagram and you can buy his books on Amazon.

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