Self-Promo 2023 (Ep. 36): Dominique Daoust

The Coveted Spellbook. Library and Archives Canada, 2023.

A new, unpredictable coven is on the payroll – and they need guidance.

A “prop spellbook” on an MGM studio soundstage led to Annabelle making friends and discovering they all have powers up their sleeves. How fun! Now that these gals have found each other though, it’s the spellbook that vanishes. But the summer of 1932 in Los Angeles is a busy one: star-studded picnic cookouts, the Olympic Games, demanding bosses. Not to mention the murder of Scottie Merlot, the head of the props department who was helping them track down their magical prop to better understand their powers. Will they manage to solve Scottie’s murder and find their spellbook in time to prevent some seriously powerful damage?

The Silver Screen Coven Series is a historical-paranormal cozy mystery series for lovers of Old Hollywood, whodunits and newbie witches. It’s perfect for fans of Lily Harper Hart and Magda Alexander.

Dominique Daoust is the author of The Deadly Exclusives Trilogy and The Silver Screen Coven Series. She is a journalism graduate from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. When not reading or writing, she likes to do yoga, drink margaritas, incessantly quote Friends and listen to rap while doing mundane household chores. 

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