Self-Promo 2023 (Ep. 35): Ivan Scott

A Redhead in Tottenham. Ivan Scott, 2023.

American soccer player Ryan Tarkington is regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world. However, his love life sits on the bench with no hope of seeing any action. Scottish goalkeeper Samantha Densmore is regarded as the best female goalkeeper in the world. But her team, Tottenham Hotspur of the Women’s Super League, is about to be folded by the owner, Chadwick Sutton, and with it, her career will be shown a red card. Little do either of them know the game has just begun. When an overeager angel mistakenly brings Ryan to Heaven, and he cannot return to Earth because his body has been cremated, a worldwide search for a goalkeeper begins so Ryan can resume his soccer career. After seeing several candidates, Ryan is not satisfied, until another candidate is found right in the middle of Tottenham, a suburb north of London. It just so happens to be the loathed owner of the Club, Chadwick Sutton. Ryan will save the team, then focus on leaving Tottenham to resume his search and get back on the field. Pretty simple right? Wrong! As he waits for another body to be found, Ryan and Samantha fall in love, so he decides to give up his career and become Sutton for good. All is well until Ryan is told a goalkeeper has been found and he has to give up being Sutton, he will have no memory of who he was, how he got there, or who Samantha is. Will they be able to both make a save before the final whistle blows? Or will their chances of finding love be defeated?


I think the main theme the reader will embrace is that we all get wrapped up in our lives, play it safe and never realise there is a whole big, beautiful world out there for us to explore and embrace. When we dare to be great, destiny intervenes and wants us to see what lays behind the walls of safety. When we take that chance, we grow and become an even better version of ourselves. That’s when we are able to give back to the world, and to others, to make the world a better place. Those things will never happen if we are afraid to take that leap of faith to see what’s possible.

The other thing about the story is there is plenty of humour and lighthearted scenes that will give the reader an escape from the everyday bleakness of the news we see and hear from the world.


I live in Atlanta with my redheaded wife, two troublemaking kids, and a rat terrier named Beesley. I am a member of the Atlanta Writer’s Club and a former college soccer player. A little known fact about me is I am dyslexic, and I have to work harder than others to create stories. However, when we find something we are passionate about, we find a way to do it to the best of our ability so we can give something back of beauty to the world.

My author website is: They can also visit my Author Pages on Amazon and Goodreads.

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