Self-promo 2023 (ep. 24): MK Schultz

Five fishermen — Max, Sherman, Calvin, Will and John — set out on their thirteenth annual fishing trip together with no idea that their lives are about to be altered forever. Though each of them has his difficulties, they all look forward to camping together and are ready to have a fantastic time.

This year, however, something strange happens during their trip. On one of the islands close to where they choose to camp, they find an altar that holds a map and GPS coordinates. That discovery sets off a chain of events bringing them to the attention of an evil cult, whose members want to use the five men for their own purposes. After the trip, a strange new fate visits them one by one. Only with the help of a mysterious time traveller—Kassius Kanex—will the men be able to overcome trials of great suffering and despair and ultimately meet their destiny.

This is book two of a trilogy. It feels like a stand alone book with all new characters, but then the link to the first is made. The sci-fi and horror in this book make it a thrilling ride, especially once the reader learns that the story is a prequel to the first.

MK Schultz is a Canadian sci-fi/thriller/horror author. A father of two young adults, he lives in a wooded area on the outskirts of Ottawa, Canada. He and his wife are avid outdoor enthusiasts in all seasons. Although formally educated in architecture, his true passion is writing. Schultz is currently writing his fifth novel.

Find out more about the author on his websiteTwitter and Instagram and you can buy his books on Amazon.

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