Self-promo 2023 (ep.22): Nuria Elisabeth Sanchez


Alison Martínez, a Spanish novelist driven by her passion for Egypt, publishes her novel The Enigma of the Lost Labyrinth, which becomes a bestseller. She is involved in the film production of the book with Daniel O’Neida, a famous American actor who has always dreamt of traveling to Egypt.
On the other hand, Dill, a New Yorker interested in Egyptian culture, is impacted by reading the novel, which tells the story of two archaeologists who are in Egypt searching for the Hawara labyrinth, according to the instructions that Herodotus exposed in his texts. Has a secret that had been kept hidden for a long time come to light?
The writer and the actor will become entangled in a real adventure in search of the Hawara labyrinth. A hidden truth, that goes beyond the tangible, will affect them emotionally. Alison and Dill will experience a series of incidents that will endanger their lives. But fate knows very well what it is doing, and all this does not happen by
chance. Do you dare to discover the real reason?


If you want to live an adventure, if you want to love with all your heart, if you believe in everlasting love and second chances, if you want to discover that death is only the beginning, then this is your book.
It will make you reflect and will make the adrenaline run through your body. It’s a different historical fiction full of action, mystery, intrigue, and romance. Follow Alison and Dill in the search for the labyrinth of Hawara and discover if Herodotus was right. If you like Egypt and its culture, you will enjoy this story.


I am a Spanish writer and I live in Mérida, Extremadura (Spain). I graduated in Spanish Language and Literature because since early childhood I dreamt of writing stories that readers would fall in love with. In 2016 I studied Creative Writing at the ‘Escuela de Escritores’ in Madrid, where I was published in the ‘XIII Book of the Escuela de Escritores: La mancha mínima’ with my story ‘Sin aliento’.
That same year I also took other courses focused on creative writing and the profession of writing, as well as marketing, I attended the Barcelona School of Writers where I studied spelling and style proofreading. I am now studying Screenwriting (Film and TV).
I then combined my literary studies with studies of the English language. So far I wrote five novels, including The Enigma of the Lost Labyrinth (English Edition). The Enigmas Trilogy in Spanish Edition is gripping thousands of readers.

Find out more about Nuria and her books on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blog and Goodreads.

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