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Self-promo 2023 (ep.16): Jonathan Cerruto

The creator of Joshua Bane introduces the series in his own words. Read his interview here.


Joshua Bane is the first openly LGBT+ superhero. The desperate search for his twin sister, will force him to re-evaluate the meaning of family. A tsunami of emotions. Twists and turns are the main ingredients of this, spectacular dark fantasy saga, that will keep the reader glued to the chair.
Filled with adventure, magic, and action. Solving murders, is a daily routine for Joshua.
Will he be able to finds his sister? Will Joshua be finally happy?


The unique selling point of my books and stories is the morale and the message. I want to spread a message of love and hope. Regardless, of body shape, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. I have filtered, all my life experiences, true life experiences, for everyone to read, and I want to share them with the world. For so many years I have struggled with anxiety and depression, because of my sexual orientation and how people made me feel. My mission in life is to make sure that, all kids and grown-ups are out there in the world, and provide a beacon of hope, a beacon of light in those darkest of days. We are all beautiful, smart, and powerful, regardless of what society forces us to believe.


My name is Jonathan A. Cerruto. I was born in Canada and moved to Italy when I was a toddler. I moved to Milan at the age of 18, where I graduated in Fashion and Design. I have always loved to write, since childhood and, after many years, of trying to figure out who I really was, I finally found my real calling. I discovered, what sets my soul on fire, and that is writing books and lyrics. I decided to move to the UK, with just a luggage and many ideas. Once I moved to the UK, I studied Creative Writing, in London, and I have also attended The Berklee Boston Music Academy, where I have polished my lyricist skills. I now also write and co-write lyrics, for artists and music producers in Italy, and all over the world.

Find more about Jonathan and his writing on his social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and find his books here:

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