Self-promo 2023 (ep.15): Molly Fernandes

From the author of ‘Owen’s afternoon tea’, another incredible book that mixes nature, science and adventure, shared exclusively with Not for Vanity!

Call of the Boodier, Europe Books, 2023


Call of the Boodier, a youth adventure novel set in the Boranup forest, tells the story of a tiger relocation project.

On route to a brand-new state-of-the-art tiger sanctuary in one of the most remote forests in the world, a tragic accident interrupts their perilous journey. The one surviving tiger finds herself lost in the Aussie bush, injured and dependent on the help of the ancient wisdom of the Wadandi Noongar people and a boy whose courage shines brighter than the Australian sun. Readers will be captivated by the vivid imagery of this adventure. A story that transcends the boundaries of time and place as the protagonists are whisked back in time to face the dark truths of a land rich in heritage.


Call of the Boodier is a unique work of historical fiction combining science, history and adventure leading the reader into a deep understanding of the ancient magic of the Australian bush. Twelve-year-old Riley is a boy of true sensibility facing dilemmas with high stakes. He must look deep within, make big decisions and understand his own strengths as he encounters the deceptions of people he knows and trusts.


Molly Fernandes is part nomad, part immigrant and part Western Australian. She grew up in 1970s Perth, after spending the first two years of her life in war torn Beirut. The daughter of parents that drifted, she gathered stories as she grew. These tales began to unfold on the shorelines of Cosy Corner and Emu Point where she spent her summers as a young girl. She gained a deep respect and appreciation for the power of the written word from a young age, as she visited many remote places and began exploring story writing. Spending time in the Kimberley, Southwestern Australia, the most isolated city in the world, and traveling the globe has given her a unique fascination with people and places, resilience, challenge and struggle.
She began her apprenticeship reading Enid Blyton, Kenneth Grahame and Ernest Hemingway. Her passion for writing and art inspired her to become a primary school teacher. She has published two books; Owen’s Afternoon Tea and The Call of the Boodier.

Editor Note: ‘Call of the Boodier’ was exclusively shared with the Not for Vanity team but it is yet to be published. However, you can find Molly’s previous books here:

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