Self-promo 2023 (ep. 31): Riley Cain

Book One of the ‘Benjamin Blake Series’ (Book Review Coming Soon!)

The Curse of Silver & Sunlight. The Riley Realm, 2023.


England, 1645. In a time of sorcery and civil war, Benjamin Blake thrills to report of battle and dark magic that come from far beyond his life in rural Essex. A humble serving boy, he dreams of adventures in the wider world, seizing each moment of excitement that touches his sleepy village, from the entertainment of travelling players to the chilling display of a captured witch, Adefina Corvus.
When peace is shattered in a night of violence, Benjamin’s life is left hanging in the balance, until he is pitied by a dark visitor and offered one chance of survival, the Curse of Silver and Sunlight, a deal that comes from a vampire’s bite.
Thrown into the supernatural world, Benjamin finds himself in the company of immortal youngsters Juno, Darach, Varney and Brill. Former slaves to Adefina Corvus, the vampires have seized the opportunity presented by her capture to flee – taking with them her book of magic after they failed to decipher its secret text as a weapon against her.
Now pursued by the witch’s loyal servants, the barbarian Rok and demonic Ilemauzar, the only option for the group is to find a ship to carry them far from England. That is until Benjamin stumbles over a clue at the heart of the wicked book and offers renewed hope of turning Adefina’s magic against her.
But, all the while, the witch is regaining her power that she is using to slow the rebels down as she draws within reach of her precious book.
As enemies close, Benjamin must race to uncover the key to hidden magic and become as powerful as Adefina Corvus, if he and his fellow rebels are to survive another night.


The Curse of Silver and Sunlight presents a colourful array of characters who, although young in an adults’ world, are talented and confident in facing the thrills and spills of the story – the perfect guides for the novice vampire Benjamin Blake.

“Scarier” was a frequent request from readers of my previous book, ‘Banshee Rising’, and I’ve worked to offer scares aplenty here for those who enjoy chills in their tales.

Adefina Corvus is set to be a memorable villain. Test readers have pointed out just how unsettling she is: mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

If (when) readers enjoy this Benjamin Blake adventure, there is the promise of four
more to come (flagged in the text), each one set in a different century in London’s
history, linked not only by Benjamin, but also by his book of power.


Riley Cain was born in Dublin in 1968. Following the success of his first book for younger children, ‘The Halloween House: 31 Putrid Poems and Rotten Rhymes for October’ – published in 2020 – Riley returned in 2021 with ‘Banshee Rising’, an adventure novel for teens inspired by his love of ghost stories and Irish folklore.
‘The Curse of Silver and Sunlight’ is his first in a planned series following the adventures of the vampire Benjamin Blake.

Riley still lives in Dublin, and haunts the internet at

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