About us

We are Ella, the writer, and Alex, the digital media ace, and we founded Not for Vanity in July 2022 with the sole purpose of promoting self-published authors.

Why self-publishing? Following the online publishing industry very closely, we noticed how in this overcrowded, highly competitive market, there is a plethora of websites and freelancers supporting aspiring writers for a fee, which don’t have enough online visibility to charge for it. Like you, we felt that wasn’t right. 

Self-published authors are a “one-man-band”: they’re writers, editors, front cover designers, publishers, agents, promoters, networkers and social media managers. They’ve already invested considerable time, and often money, to see their book come to life so they need all the additional promotional support they can get. 

This is why we decided to take a step back from our successful corporate careers to dedicate all our free time to this (ad)venture. We are working hard and relentlessly to create a safe space for the self-published writers community where successes, tears and challenges can be shared and overcome. Join us today in this adventure and let’s shape our future together.