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The story so far: 6 months of Not for Vanity

A word from our co-founder Alex Mingoni

Today I asked The Internet: “Is a 6-month business milestone worth celebrating?”. According to search engines, it is only if you are a man in a relationship (??), have employees working for you or a new born baby. Well, here at Not for Vanity we are always challenging the norm, so I thought I’d ignore digital wisdom and go with my instinct instead. I am absolutely sure you are familiar with the overwhelming sensation of your fingers itching to write (on good days at least), so here we are!

On January 18th, we’ll be celebrating six months since we announced we were “Open for Business”. By WE I mean Ella – a writer like many of you and teacher in training – and Alex, a former consultant who left the hustle and bustle of London corporate life behind to pursue something she could call her own. 

Back in July last year, we took a gamble: are people even going to listen to us? Will our voice be powerful enough to give a meaningful contribution to the indie publishing world (easy tiger…)? Our idea for Not for Vanity had been a work in progress for quite some time when we launched. It was born out of recklessness and careful research, as well as a great passion for reading, writing, and the creative industries in general. To put it simply, we felt self-published voices needed to be heard louder. We’ve always been against the concept of “vanity project”, reductive and fundamentally unfair, given how challenging it is to enter the conventional publishing world. Yes, there might be badly written books out there (personally, I would NEVER put pen to paper, I am terrible at creating stories) but in our experience, there are also so many great self-published writers it’s extremely hard to keep up.

While we are still very small, we’ve never embraced a project with such passion and dedication, so we really don’t want to stop. Have a look below to find out what we’ve been up to so far.

17 BOOK REVIEWS PUBLISHED | We read all the books we review from beginning to end. We’ve tackled 7 fiction sub-genres so far: crime, dystopian, fantasy, LGBTQ+, romance, thriller and young adults.

11 BLOG POSTS | We’ve covered a variety of topics we know our audience cares about, from writing tips and other “how to” guides to book recommendations and writing competitions.

5 SELF-PROMOTION FEATURES | A few months into our journey, we realised we wanted to give space to more authors but were unable to keep up with demand, so at the end of 2022 we launched our ‘Promotion’ page: weekly self-promotion events featuring a specific author in the form of a short interview (read this post if you’d like to be featured too!). All our features are created with the utmost care and are bespoke to each of our writers.

4 AUTHOR INTERVIEWS | We only interview authors whose books we’ve read, to create the most relevant questions and a personalised experience. We prioritise impact over cliché. 

1 DIGITAL PARTNERSHIP | We are delighted to be sponsoring “The Mr.Mike Podcast: Wrong Answers Only”. The podcast is now in its second season and welcomes a variety of guests, primarily from the education and publishing world. What we like the most about Mike’s podcasts is that they are extremely entertaining and a source of inspiration, no matter the topic. The two best spent hours of our week and something we always look forward to. Intrigued? All episodes are available here: https://www.mrmikemtl.com

On a parting note…

Before Not for Vanity saw the light at the end of July, little did we know the life of a founder would be the most demanding we’ve lived so far (while juggling everything else) but also the most rewarding. As we celebrate the first six months in business, we would like to thank the authors who have trusted us with their work so far and hope we’ll be able to showcase many more in the future. Interested in being part of our journey? Get in touch at notforvanity@gmail.com


Self Promo Friday #2: Rhys Reed-Johnson

It’s Week Two of our 2023 Self-Promo Friday event and a special week indeed… As we are expanding our horizons to new genres, the focus today is on children’s literature (the subject of last week’s feature also). It’s our pleasure to introduce screenwriter Rhys Reed-Johnson, author of the delightful ‘King Arthur’s Cat‘. Have a look at what he told us about his work.

King Arthur’s Cat. Creative Writing Club, 2022.


King Arthur’s Cat is mostly about… a cat. It is also mostly about King Arthur. Now I won’t say who… but one of them holds the title ‘Worst king of Camelot’ and spends most of the day sleeping, while the other eats fish and licks himself. For those interested, the cat happens to be called Sir Softpaws and King Arthur is called many things beside King Arthur, often using naughty words. When Sir Softpaws suddenly grows fifty feet tall as if by magic and Merlin is nowhere to be found, a whole bunch of trouble breaks out in Camelot. Every dog runs away. Giant hairballs block the streets. Somebody drinks the moat dry. Random bystanders are accidentally squished by a fleeing orange stripy suspect. It’s total chaos, chaos without rules, rules without hope, hope without a clue, especially when the chances of returning Sir Softpaws to his normal size seem less than certain. What’s worse, Arthur decides he wants to help, and no matter what nonsense the King tries to fix the problem, a right royal pickle is usually the result.


I’m thrilled you asked. There are just simply more reasons than I can possibly count, but here’s a few surefire wallet-openers. The cover art is age-appropriate, the book’s weight is evenly distributed, and its pages are much softer and more enjoyable to turn than the average itchy shelf-stacker. The font is easy on the eyes as is the author. The story has that beginning, middle, and end fad people appreciate in their fiction. Some characters are likeable and the ones who aren’t are routinely punished. For the first time in any book I know of, a cat has a frank conversation with a dragon, boldly breaking new literary ground. There’s an educational bonus too: readers can learn about the devastating effects of sawdust and what can happen in a cluckawort outbreak. Finally and very importantly, the book redresses a grave historical injustice: as a society we’ve heard far too many stories about one man and his dog at the expense of unfairly marginalising the relationship between one man and his cat – love is love and cats are pets. Finally again, it is my opinion some books are too heavy, especially for children, but this book you can easily grip in one hand and so prevent tears before bedtime.


Yes, yes I can. I am a writer, in this case, of books. Having learned to spell my name sometime in childhood, my literary career has come on leaps and bounds since then. I once dressed as a horse and almost got shot by Her Majesty’s Government for my craft. It remains my proudest achievement. Over the years, I’ve sat at a lot of tables and written a lot of stuff for a lot of things; the only medium I have yet to apply my trade to is sock puppetry (something I might do if the money’s right). I have won many awards and lost even more awards. So long as there’s a roof over my head and a roast chicken in my fridge, I am the happiest soul alive.


I think adults have read too much. As such, it’s much harder to trick them into believing dragons and/or magic exists, that going on adventures is a worthwhile hobby, or working hard and trying your best is what’s really important in life. Children are easier to entertain. I’d rather create obvious fun than something needing an intersectional postmodernist lens to be deconstructed for absolutely nobody’s enjoyment. As for where my inspiration comes from, I give everybody the same answer: the need to pay rent. It is so easy to be creative when there are bills to pay.


Readers can find me @rhysreedjohnson on Twitter and Instagram

King Arthur’s Cat’ is available here: https://cwcshop.company.site/King-Arthurs-Cat-p461321483


Love is the best Revenge 

The second full length novel by contemporary fiction author AH Bracken 

Love is the best Revenge. AH Bracken, 2022.

Set in the fictional town of Somerzoy, ‘Love is the Best Revenge’ tells the (love – hate – and everything in between) story of best-selling romance novelist Lady Marianne Clemenceaux and journalist Tom Underwood. What’s the catch? Lady Marianne, daughter of an Earl, is loved and respected by the local community and a well-established name in publishing. Life’s good until Tom Underwood takes a job at the local gazette and writes an unforgiving article about her, questioning her authenticity and ability to create relatable stories – given her privilege, does she really know how ordinary people live? It’s not really that simple though, as Lady Marianne has a secret: what is she hiding behind her pink aura of perfection and literary glory? Tom Underwood has a secret too: he’s in Somerzoy to rebuild his career and reputation following a journalistic reporting flop in his previous job. Tom’s article bewilders Somerzoy citizens, and they join forces to help Lady Marianne. One of them in particular, Maria – the enigmatic raven-haired town mechanic – seems really keen to seek revenge on Lady Marianne’s behalf. Instantly fascinated by her, Tom Underwood falls in love with her, failing to see her hidden agenda. Unfortunately, revenge is hardly straightforward, and all plans will come crushing down, as Tom and Lady Marianne’s paths finally cross. 

While as a reader I am not naturally drawn to contemporary romance novels, I am making it my mission today to explain the 5 reasons why ‘Love is the Best Revenge’ is THE quintessential romantic novel and one to read NOW. 

1 | A sympathetic heroine. Maria is a complex character with lots of different nuances to her personality. She is a strong-willed young woman who’s also vulnerable (but not weak), extremely intelligent and capable. Maria’s humanity makes her very relatable, especially when it comes to her constant struggle with her wealthy parents, who refuse to understand why she wants to distance herself from her family heritage and privilege by challenging stereotypes through her tattoos, raven-black hair and by working as a mechanic.

    2 | A strong, irresistible (anti) hero. Tom Underwood is perhaps the polar opposite of the irresistible, fascinating male main character you would expect in a romantic novel. However, Tom is also a well-rounded character with very interesting layers to his personality: career-focused and trying hard to restore his reputation as a journalist after believing the wrong person; confident enough to put himself out there and chase what seems to be an impossible romance but sensitive and brave enough to question his own decisions and challenge himself to be a better man. Thanks to these two very strong main characters, Bracken makes you buy into the story immediately.

    3 | Emotional tension. At the heart of every romance, emotional conflict keeps the heroine and the hero from being together throughout the story even though they want to be. Again, Bracken did a great job here, creating a tension that’s complex, never dull, believable, and grows from the interaction between the two characters. I must confess that while reading I almost found myself shouting at them to finally stop resisting their feelings and recognise they are made for each other.

    4 | A believable plot. The context in which the emotional journey of our characters develops is perfectly believable. In terms of the social aspect, Maria comes from a noble family so that’s probably hard to relate to as it’s further away from our daily lives, but her rebellious, freedom-seeking spirit is by all mean something we can all understand. Tom comes from a middle class, caring family and has therefore a very specific outlook on life, considering privilege by lineage old-fashioned and anachronistic; if you think about how different they are to begin with, what an amazing journey for Maria and Tom (credit to AH Bracken for her narrative skills)! The backdrop to their journey, the small town of Somerzoy, is no different from any small town anywhere in the country, where everybody knows each other and has its own allegiances and conflicts but a perfectly pleasant place to live. I loved all the secondary characters, especially Maria’s best friend Kitty, always ready to stand by her friend and Maria’s relationship with her sister Annabel, who is acutely aware of how much Maria is suffering because she is “so lost and unable to be the person she badly wanted to be”. While some elements of the plot may be a bit far-fetched, this story is aspirational, fundamentally optimistic and provides some much needed escapism. 

    5 | A happy-ever-after ending. Of course. Maria and Tom do commit to coming together as a couple in the end, as you would expect from this particular genre: happiness is part of the promise of a romance after all!

    If to all of the above you add seamless writing, Bracken’s great ability to create an organic flow of actions, revelations and unexpected twists… you are in for a real treat. 

    About AH Bracken 

    Happily married and living in Buckinghamshire, UK, AH Bracken is an avid reader of contemporary and historical fiction. Her favourite authors include Marian Keyes, Trisha Ashley, Katie Fforde, Lindsey Kelk, CJ Sansom and Philipa Gregory.

    The desire to write finally became a reality in early 2021 when she began work on her first novel, and this enthusiasm also led to the release of ‘In December and Always’, ‘Someone to Cherish You’, and a new novel, ‘Love is the Best Revenge’.

    You can expect smart, strong female characters with a story to tell, narratives that highlight difference, adversity and survival; and charming, gentle love stories based on romance and connection (source: www.ahbracken.com).

    All books by AH Bracken are available for purchase at: https://amzn.to/3GJVzoG


    Self-promo Friday 2023: Paolo Mazzucato

    Author of ‘The absolutely true story of La Befana’- a creative, playful spin on a traditional 6th January Italian tale

    Welcome back to self-promo Friday! This is a very special week for us. Not only this is our first post of the year, but we have the absolute pleasure to introduce Paolo Mazzucato, American author, playwright and screenwriter. Paolo is also author/illustrator of the most amazing children’s books, and that’s what we’d like to focus on today.

    We recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his latest creation, ‘The absolutely true story of La Befana’. Here’s what he told us:


    The story of La Befana is a traditional Italian tale. But unlike the version that casts her as a “Christmas witch”, in this tale she is a kindly, old grandmother who, like all good Italian nonnas, wants to see 
    everyone well fed and taken care of. So, on the eve of the Christmas Epiphany, this old woman invites three, weary travellers into her home for a warm bowl of minestrone, because everyone likes a good bowl of soup, right? Well, it so happens that they’re some sort of “wise men” searching for a newborn savior-type baby. They want her to come along, but she’s busy, you know, so they go on their way. Later, the old woman regrets her decision, so she heads out into the night with her trusty donkey, but, she never finds them or the baby. On her way home though, she leaves little gifts of dried fruits and nuts in the shoes outside of every home where a child may be.

    “And like a knock on the door, her example invites each of us to open our hearts and share in the joy of the season, when every, little gesture of kindness becomes a gift as precious as gold.”


    ‘The absolutely true story of La Befana’ is a playful reimagining of a traditional, Italian story. It takes a light-hearted tone with a distinctly Italian flavour to set out the origins of a Christmas classic.


    My Website: http://www.writer.mazzucato.org
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mazzucatobooks
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/paolo_mazzucato
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mazzucato_stories


    Paolo Mazzucato is an American fiction author and screenwriter. He began his writing career as a Chicago playwright and award-winning student filmmaker before moving to Los Angeles where he won awards for screenwriting and scripted various projects for film and television in addition to writing several children’s, middle grade and young adult books.

    Mazzucato is the author/illustrator of the children’s books, Dream of the Rainbow Unicorn, No One Mocks a Panda (an Amazon #1 Best Seller, Feb. 2019), A Most Curious Winter’s Night and The absolutely true story of La Befana. He is also the author of the fantasy adventure novel, The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim, a “recommended” read by the US Review of Books.

    Books by Paolo Mazzucato are available at http://www.bepibooks.com/index.html as well as on Amazon https://amzn.to/3GKQmwZ


    Self-promo Friday # 3: Steven Ashford 

    Author of ‘Cloud Pictures’ & the new release ‘The Tail, the Tree and the Star’

    Thank you to Steven Ashford who took the time to answer a few questions about his book ‘Cloud Pictures’, released in August 2022.


    𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘢 𝘴𝘰𝘶𝘭? When Martha Mud decides to throw away her life, she finds that endings aren’t as easy to come by as she’d hoped. Cut adrift in a realm where nothing is what it seems and no-one can be trusted, Martha soon discovers that her past hasn’t finished with her, and that the fate of her loved ones might rest in her hands.


    Some of the Amazon reviews I received:

    “Brilliant! Intriguing and compelling.”

    “Heartbreaking, thought provoking and eloquent.”

    “It smacks of brilliance.”

    “It held me spellbound.”


    Martha Mud is the one-off pen name of Steven Ashford. I’ve been writing since I was tiny, but this is my first published book. I’m an ex Steiner Waldorf teacher, and I’m currently based in Derbyshire. My next novel ‘The Tail, the Tree and the Star’ was released at the end of November.


    I am on Facebook at Steven Ashford: Author and they can also visit my website www.stevenashford.co.uk

    Steven’s books are available for purchase on Amazon: Cloud Pictures (written under the pseudonym Martha Mud) and The Tail, the Tree and the Star


    #selfpromofriday: Meet Joseph Roy Wright

    Author of ‘The New Order of Alexandria: The Island of Hella’ (The New Order Alexandria Series, Book 1)


    United States of America, 2050: join Jack Carr and his brother Derek as they join The New Order of Alexandria, a new army that wants to take control of what remains of the country in the aftermath of climate change. Jack and Derek will witness the horrors of the western world and see humanity at its worst. Derek will meet the beautiful Jade Sanders and fall in love; Jack will get lost on the island and have to learn how to survive on his own, while people die as a killer stalks the island and a war is taking place.


    1. A universe of six other books to get lost into; 
    2. An action-packed story with supernatural horror highlights and
    3. Fantasy, action and horror mixed together into one thrilling adventure!


    I have travelled all over Europe, visiting Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Amsterdam. My globe-trotting experience has inspired many of my action-adventure tales, giving me a vast idea of different cultures, people and scenarios that aid in helping me tell unique and fascinating stories. I adore reading, especially medieval fantasy. I grew up reading Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter, which have truly inspired my own writing journey! 


    You can find me on the following 4 digital platforms:

    1. Facebook: Joseph Roy Wright (or New Order Of Alexandria)
    2. Instagram: joe_noa
    3. Twitter: @noa_order
    4. YouTube: New Order Of Alexandria

    ‘The New Order of Alexandria: The Island of Hella’is available for purchase at: https://amzn.to/3iyPYrH


    Kate Castle selected for Amazon’s Prime Reading Program

    Castle’s debut novel ‘Girl Island’ is now available to all Prime members for free

    Self-published author Kate Castle has done it again! When we got our hands on her debut novel ‘Girl Island’ in July this year (read our review here), we instantly knew she would be one to watch.

    Not only did she win two Goldie Awards at the Golden Crown Literary Society Awards (Best Debut Novel and Best YA Fiction), but her book has recently been selected to feature on Amazon’s ‘Prime Reading Program’, allowing Prime members to gain access to a rotating selection of free e-books, magazines, comics, short reads and audiobooks for free.

    We’d like to congratulate Kate on her latest achievement and we are delighted a lot more readers will have the opportunity to read this award-winning, edge of your seat novel.


    Take Two

    Book Three of Stephanie Shea’s ‘A Gia, San Francisco Romance’ Series

    Andy and Whitney [i.e. Avery’s half-sister from Book Two, see our review here] meet again after six years apart, when Andy left San Francisco for London to study and become a director. They meet again in town by pure chance, and the awkwardness of the moment doesn’t escape either of them. They used to besties in high school until they started dating. It was amazing, it was great, they had ups and downs, like any other couple, but all in all they were doing well. Until they weren’t. And now, six years later, Andy is back. 

    Andy is actually after Jenn Coleman, chef patron of Gia’s Restaurant, keen to interview her for a docu-series she is working on about black women of power. Not only is Jenn black and self-made, but also queer and famous, making her appearance in the series even more meaningful. However, Jenn is not interested in appearing in front of a camera. She barely likes spending time front of house in at her own restaurant, and is much more comfortable creating in her kitchen. Whitney happens to be an employee at Gia’s Restaurant; it would be convenient to ask her for a favour so she can meet Jenn, but Andy finds the idea reproachful. It just wouldn’t be right. Especially because she is not expecting Whitney to still be mourning her departure, even less owe her anything.

    As a matter of fact, Whitney has indeed moved on, and is currently dating Isabelle, a doctor. She is trying, at least. Because despite all her efforts, she knows deep down they are not meant to be. There are too many things that don’t work between them, and it’s just a matter of time before they go their separate ways.

    While in town, Andy goes home to see her parents and meets Kasey, a very good friend of hers, for a drink. Once again, she runs into Whitney, who’s in the same bar with Isabelle. Andy can see them, but she can’t hear their conversation. What is really happening is that Whitney is finally breaking up with Isabelle. The following day, Andy goes back to Gia’s and meets Whitney again. She didn’t expect to find her ex-girlfriend working there, but she quickly recovers from the surprise and explains to her what she is trying to achieve. Unfortunately, they also start talking about other things, one word leads to another and after a very heated discussion, they end up having sex in the office. It is clearly a mistake, because it leaves them both even more empty, angry and confused.

    Life goes on and Whitney’s brother is in a bit of a pickle. He has Encanto on Ice tickets, planning to take his daughter and his pregnant wife, but his wife gave birth earlier than expected and it’s not exactly the right time to leave her alone with a baby. As he doesn’t want to disappoint his daughter, he asks Whitney if she can go. There are two adult tickets though, so in the spur of the moment, Whitney asks Andy to come along. After a very pleasant night and a brilliant show, Whitney and Andy decide to have a drink somewhere. Things take yet again an unexpected turn and they end up hot and breathless on the sofa, but they accept their encounters are only a temporary thing: it will all be over as soon as Andy leaves San Francisco.

    In the meantime, Andy manages to persuade Jenn to take part in the docu-series, so she starts shooting at Gia, meaning that Whitney is forced to see Andy more often than she would like. During a conversation with her mother, Whitney tells her that Andy is back in town, and the woman suggests she should talk to her ex and see why she really left all those years ago, clear up the air and finally move on.

    The dreaded conversation takes place, but what comes out of it sheds a new light on many things, giving them a totally new perspective on their past, but, most of all, starting a nuclear fallout that will break down all the walls they built and allow them to have the much dreaded resolution they deserve.

    What do I think about ‘Take Two’? Well, Stephanie Shea has done it again. But bigger and better. I simply loved her book! It’s a clean story, with lots of twists and a much more realistic setting that the previous one. This is a book that girls can identify with, because many of them might have gone through the same things. It’s the (in)famous ‘the right person at the wrong time’ situation, and the kind of story we want to read when approaching LGBTQ+ books.

    Romance as a genre is fine, there is nothing wrong with an old fashioned love story, it’s appealing to many and I can see why: we need that bit of hope at the end of another stressful day, we crave that escape, we would pay good money for Prince(ss) Charming to sweep us off our feet and take care of all our problems. But so many times stories are artificial, unrealistic and not at all relatable. That is not the case with ‘Take Two’. What Stephanie writes about could have happened to me, or you, or your neighbour, it might be happening right now or in 10 years’ time; we’ve all made poor choices based on fear and we’ve all had to deal with the consequences; we can all think of situations where in hindsight we could have done things differently, perhaps hope to have a second chance, to explain or repair a damage. Most of the times, we don’t. But this story gives us hope, strength and courage. It’s never too late, don’t give up yet, believe you can do it, and if you can’t, be proud of yourself for trying.

    A brilliant, brilliant read, a confirmation of Stephanie’s talent, a massive improvement from the previous efforts and the certainty she will continue on the same upward path with her next book. People, get reading now!


    #selfpromofriday: Introducing Connor Wolf

    Delighted to kick off our series with Connor Wolf, author of ‘Let Hunting Dogs Lie’


    Garrett Langford is a classic example of overworked and underpaid. When a particularly suave and attractive man approaches him in a pub after work, Garrett is instantly attracted to him. Perhaps it is his wealthy attire, or maybe he subconsciously likes the fact that the man looks just like him… only far, far wealthier. A few dates later when the lust turns sour, Garrett hatches a scheming plan to ‘borrow’ the man’s identity. But very little gets past private investigator, Jake, who is adamant on uncovering Garrett’s true identity. Will Garrett catch Jake and silence that which threatens his new fortune? Or will Jake end up prey thanks to Garrett’s new, and seemingly endless, resources?


    Three reasons: first of all, the story is told from multiple perspectives. Secondly, it sets itself apart from other crime thrillers in that the ‘whodunit’ element is known from very early on, so it is focused on the thrill of who will catch who in the end. Last but not least, it has, at its heart, a gay man who centres as the primary character.


    I am a writer and law student who is a huge fan of Peter James and Richard Osman; ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ series is a favourite of mine. I am working on another crime thriller at the moment and I find writing such an interesting craft; to create worlds and characters, gangs and monsters out of nothing but an imagination is so unbelievably fantastic. It is a hobby, a business and a passion. I treasure it dearly.


    You can find me on Twitter at @ConnorW96

    ‘Let Hunting Dogs Lie’ is available for purchase at: https://amzn.to/3VNkCMh


    Not for Vanity launches a new promotional space

    A space for writers to pitch their books to the public

    Only four months after we launched our website, the response from self-published authors has been great and we are very grateful to all those who’ve trusted us with their work so far.

    This has given us the motivation and drive to become bigger and better, and offer more space to more authors. But how?

    After several brainstorming sessions, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new ‘Promotion’ Page, a whiteboard for writers to pitch their work to the public.


    Interested authors should get in touch at notforvanity@gmail.com and supply the following 6 items:

    1. Book title;
    2. Book Cover: a high-res pic of the book cover; 
    3. Synopsis: make it brief, make it great, make it sparkle, make it yours but most of all, make sure it’s brand new (not published elsewhere);
    4. USPs: what your UPSs (unique selling points) are and why readers should pick your book over someone else’s;
    5. Bio: a few lines about yourself and
    6. Contact Details: website/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram handle, so people can make contact and follow you.

    We will then work with each author to fine tune their submission (if required), post the pitch on our website and promote the book on our Instagram & Twitter accounts through a bespoke post.

    Would you like to take part? We are now open for submissions and have promotional slots available as early as Friday, 9th December. Seize the moment, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the newest, freshest #selfpromotionfriday!

    Ella & Alex