About us

Not for vanity is a website made by writers for writers. It was born to give a voice to the multitude of brilliant authors out there who decided to choose the self-publishing route to release their work. We want to be the voice of all those who are rejected or not considered by traditional publishing channels, for one reason or another.

In a world overloading us with information and stimuli, we want to offer a fresh, unique and forward-thinking perspective on writing and writers. Just because you don’t have a big publisher behind you, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a page-turning story.

In an overcrowded, highly competitive online publishing industry, there’s a plethora of websites supporting aspiring writers with book publication (digital/physical) and distribution, cover creation, professional editing and social media promotion (for a fee) but nothing quite like us: we’ll review your book, interview you and share your stories on our digital channels for FREE, giving you additional promotional tools to support your literary journey and creating a safe space for this underrepresented writer community where successes, tears and challenges can be shared and overcome.

Our aim is simple: we want to demonstrate that self-publishing is not a vanity project.