Self-promo 2023 (ep. 32): J.J. Egosi

Demonheart: Raging Elements. Published November 2020.

Demonheart: Raging Elementals begins the story of Michael, an indentured servant of an enemy kingdom who sees him as less than filth. Upon being ousted for a violent act of insurrection, he discovers that, in his mind, he carries memories of a person he used to be. A man far removed from his former duties dusting an aristocrat’s estate. With both friends and enemies, he embarks on a journey to discover the identity he lost. 

Readers can expect a very fast paced tale that’ll have them finishing it in a single sitting, then hoping for more. With seven more installments available, they can continue the story without taking a breath. If clashes between angels and demons over the vast distance of multiple dimensions seems like a good time, there’ll be no shortage of such as the story continues to grow.

I’m a dark fantasy author who began his career when I had a very vivid dream, over six years ago. Though not as abstract or gruesome, much of that laid the groundwork for the first Demonheart novel. When I’m not writing, I’m often either listening to heavy metal music or enjoying a Dungeons and Dragons game. 

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