Self-promo 2023 (ep. 26): Dan Williams

A reckless murder changes the world forever. An angry ghost is trapped in a crystal prison and an unlucky few are doomed to an eternal torment of maddening shared 

Now it’s 2096, twelve thousand years later and there’s no magic and no ghosts; everyone knows! There are only little people forever scrambling to stay out of the way of big tech. Everyone knows humanity is beleaguered by drought, flooding and poverty. Everyone sees that society is shot through with corporate corruption. But no one has time to care.

Yet as Nate, Chen and Tina struggle to get by from day to day and pay to pay, hidden deep under the earth, the ancient ghost rages on in the Stone, and the chains of power that bind it weaken and begin to fray. Strange earthquakes gather force off the coast of Akarana Island and when an old house is demolished, something unbreakable is broken and everyone in the world will be drawn into the legacy of the curse of the ghost in the Stone whether they believe in such nonsense or not.

This book is an industrial grade magical realism, with an urban fantasy setting. Hard science fiction is seamlessly blended in a mature epic story with great golden characters in a plot that, for once, is NOT set in the northern hemisphere.

Dan Williams grew up in New Zealand before moving to the United Kingdom where he lived for over two decades, until moving to China months before the COVID 19 outbreak. Just as he planned! (Well, not really…). After a while, he moved back to the UK. Before Google was invented, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and well after punch-cards weren’t a thing anymore, Dan qualified and worked in information technology and, later, psychotherapy, which is like debugging people’s brains. Now he’s learning Mandarin and writing books. A lifelong avid reader of psychology, science fiction and fantasy, Dan looks forward to contributing many more of his works to the world’s store of fascinating and entertaining tomes in these genres.

You can find more about Williams and his works on his Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram and website.

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