Self-promo 2023 (ep.18): Paul Richardson


Alex Spellman blames himself for a covert operation that went wrong in Northern Spain. A sniper known only as Kapusta is a deadly assassin with a dark and complex past. The Russian Vasili Dragunov needs to clear his name at The Kremlin and will go any lengths to do so.
Three men, all in need of redemption, brought together to face their demons. And each other.
Alex Spellman is on the run with his American compatriot, Deanna Darby. They race from Europe to the US in the hope of finding answers, evading capture and bringing those who wronged him to justice. But why is Alex getting blackouts and who is to blame? Official secrets hang in the balance, as does the lives of the remaining members of Delta team. Can they turn the tables on their pursuers and regain the upper hand in this deadly game of cat and mouse?


In writing Echoes of Navarre I have attempted to emulate the books I most enjoy reading. I am a big fan of Ian Fleming and the Bond books and I am sure there are some parallels in the use of characters and locations in the narrative. I have maintained that Echoes’ is a spy thriller in the pulp fiction genre and, as it may not be for everyone, I am sure there is an audience, such as myself, who enjoys this type of escapism filled with action, excitement and peril.


Paul was born in the UK but moved to the west coast of Ireland 21 years ago. He is married with two adult children, one at college and one who designs, illustrates and releases role playing add-ons for gamers. After raising his two children while renovating the family home, he is now branching into new areas. In past lives he has been a photographer, a painter and a screenprinter too. This is his first book and he is planning for it to be part of a trilogy involving the same protagonists, Alex and Deanna.

Find out more about Paul on his social media (TwitterFacebook, Instagram) and buy his books through his website.

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